The Chrysalis Project

The Chrysalis Project

by John Steven Hockensmith

A visual celebration of transformation

An artistic journey of discovery, The Chrysalis Project chronicles the astounding life cycle and migration of the eastern North American monarch butterfly through poetic imagery.

As the project unfolds, the artwork depicts the larva and caterpillar, captures the chrysalis stage and then reveals the metamorphosing of the winged monarch before its arduous north to south migration. This breathtaking saga is staged annually in nature from lower Canada, across the eastern United States and then as far south as the Cerro Pelón monarch sanctuary near Macheros, Mexico. Here, at the rugged edge of Michoacán, monarchs spend the winter in magnificent clusters, clinging to oyamel fir trees until the warmth of the sun energizes them. The Chrysalis Project contains 25 superior quality giclee prints, on Museo rag paper to museum standards. Every numbered print is one of only 100 impressions of each image, thus meeting the traditional stringent standards of limited-edition printmaking.

To strengthen its purpose, The Chrysalis Project has a philanthropic component. Artist John S. Hockensmith will donate 15% of print sales to Chrysalis House of Lexington, Kentucky’s oldest and largest licensed substance abuse treatment program for women. The project is envisioned to create ecological awareness, celebrate nature’s beauty and offer support for addiction recovery.

Print sizes (with deckled edges)

19.5” wide x 30” tall $495
16” wide x 24” tall $395
14.25” wide x 21” tall $295

The full collection can be viewed in our gallery.

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