Path To Frankfort by Paul Sawyier

Occasionally we get the opportunity to handle some original works by Paul Sawyier (1865-1917) and it is such a thrill. For those of us in Central Kentucky the works of Paul Sawyier in print form are fairly commonplace, as they were highly collectable in the late 20th century. We find that there are new originals coming onto the market from time to time due to the works being in estate dispursals. It sure is exciting in the workshop to take them apart, look for writing on the back (in Paul’s own “hand”) and pick a frame. Our framer, Larry Davis, is very adept in doing French lines, so we added that classic detail to the piece.

It is our pleasure to offer “Path to Frankfort” for sale. Please take time to stop by and see it, I know it won’t last long!

2015 Breeders Cup Scarf