Artist – D Lee

D Lee

D. was born in Saratoga, NY, lived much of her life in Idaho, spent some time in Prescott, Arizona and now resides in “The Horse Capitol of the World” Lexington, Kentucky. A long time professional horse trainer and competitor, she began painting when she was 30. “I’m a late starter. It never even occurred to me to become an artist when I was younger.” Even then, her painting took a back seat until about eight years later. “Life just kept getting in the way. I had two small girls, and lost my husband to cancer in 2000. I have so much empathy for struggling artists, you have no idea.”

She has been privileged to study with “incredible artists” such as Morgan Weistling, Dan Mieduch, Jim Wilcox, Andre Pater, Tom Browning, Greg Beecham, Jim Norton, Gary Carter and Sam Savitt. “Morgan was a huge influence early in my painting career. I was so fortunate to be in one of the few workshops he has done and that he stayed in contact with me afterwards. Jim helped me tremendously with plein air and it has greatly influenced my work.”

She has been a Quick Draw artist (completing a painting in an hour) at the Phippen Art Show for many years, and 2013 will be her eighth year participating in the Jackson Hole Quick Draw. “I really enjoy it more and more. It’s a great challenge, I love painting with my good friends and meeting the spectators.” my life I spent in the west. So even though I love my piece of heaven here on the farm, there is always a pull to get back to the mountains and the hugeness of the landscape there.”

“Painting is now necessary for me. I don’t always enjoy it, to be sure. It is a roller coaster ride of disappointment, frustration, exhileration and satisfaction. It’s work. It can take me absolutely forever to finally get in front of the easel. I wish I was an artist who could get lost in a painting and realize they’ve been painting for hours, but I’m not. Art is such a great journey of self awareness and I have accepted (finally) how I am, how I approach painting, and how I don’t. The only rule is there are no rules. That works for me.

My desire with my paintings is to convey moments I have experienced, the connection I feel, with animals. Whether it is the look in the eye of a wolf trotting towards me at daybreak, being ground level with a new foal sleeping in the grass in the warm sun, the adoration in a dog’s eyes …. these moments inspire me to remember them and share with others what it felt like to be there. So many people connect with animals as I do, it is a wonderful bond to share.”

D. is very happily remarried to Tim, a widower himself. They love to travel but also hang out (i.e. work) on the farm. “We love the Bluegrass life!” They currently (current being the operative word) own six horses, three Thoroughbreds off the track and three young homebreds, three dogs and two cats. Whitetail deer, raccoon, fox, rabbits, wild turkeys and birds too numerous to mention inhabit the farm as well.

“Supporting charities dear to me is one of the huge benefits of my painting.” Some of the charities D. has supported with donated paintings over the years are:


  • Woodford Humane Society
  • Thoroughbred Charities of America
  • Jackson Hole Conservation Alliance
  • Bluegrass Conservancy
  • Lexington Cancer Foundation
  • True Prospect Farm Fire Recovery Fund
  • CANTER (Communication Alliance to Network Thoroughbred Ex-Racehorses)
  • Art Division Los Angeles

We do not currently have any work by DLee on display. Shown here are some of her body of work.

For more information, visit her website

Morning in Midway 40×30 Oil on Canvas (sold)

2015 Breeders Cup Scarf